The Sustainability Podcast

Maximizing Environmental Sustainability for Complex Chemical Processes - with Vineeth Ram of OLI Systems

February 23, 2023 The Smart Cities Team at ARC Advisory Group Season 8 Episode 7
The Sustainability Podcast
Maximizing Environmental Sustainability for Complex Chemical Processes - with Vineeth Ram of OLI Systems
Show Notes

Maximizing Environmental Sustainability for Complex Chemical Processes - 
 with Vineeth Ram of OLI Systems

In this episode, Vineeth Ram discusses:

  • Environmental Sustainability in industrial chemical processes 
  • Role of chemical process simulation in enhancing sustainability
  • Carbon capture, transportation, storage and utilization
  • Pillars of sustainability
  • Asset integrity in geothermal energy production
  • Elimination of toxic contamination from air and water 
  • Supply of lithium and other critical materials for EV Batteries.
  • Evolution of real-time monitoring and automation for operations excellence

Below is an abstract of this conversation:

Process simulation technology is critical to enhancing sustainability – air and water quality, decarbonization, accelerating the energy transition, toxin and contamination free land and natural resources as well as resource conservation and recycling. Designing and operating equipment and processes more efficiently and minimizing unplanned downtime also contribute to sustainability.

Many of the fundamental reactions and phenomena that impact environmental sustainability  such as improving air and water quality, lowering carbon footprint, improving carbon capture, conserving water and expanding reuse, minimizing energy consumption, expanding renewable energy production, storage and recycling of batteries, minimizing waste, effective hazardous waste treatment and, improving environmental safety for harsh and toxic industrial environments are based on electrolyte thermodynamics and water chemistry applications. 

The OLI simulation technology with its comprehensive property database, modeling frameworks and software tools that have been successfully deployed at hundreds of clients is ideally suited for enhancing environmental sustainability. Its solutions are used to enhance yields and lower costs for the extraction, purification, refining, and recycling of critical materials like lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese, and rare earth elements used in batteries and energy storage. OLI technology is applicable to flue gas treatment in coal power plants and flue gas desulfurization in oil & gas refining processes.  It is used to make carbon capture, transportation, and storage processes more efficient and sustainable in oil & gas, mining, and power generation industries.  In the water treatment industry, OLI’s solutions are used to improve the efficiency of filtration processes and enhance sustainability by eliminating toxic contaminants in water and waste water treatment  including desalination, brine valorization, produced water treatment and reuse. OLI technology is also used to enhance asset integrity in geothermal energy production by mitigating corrosion risk helping to make it cost competitive with other energy sources.

OLI Cloud APIs enable any application to use the OLI technology to simulate complex chemical processes in real-time along with the ability to integrate third-party data and build intuitive user interfaces and dashboards that monitor applications by creating digital twins.


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