The Smart City Podcast

Larry O'Brien Interviews Sanjeet Pandit, Global Head of Smart Cities for Qualcomm

April 29, 2021 The Smart Cities Team at ARC Advisory Group Season 6 Episode 2
The Smart City Podcast
Larry O'Brien Interviews Sanjeet Pandit, Global Head of Smart Cities for Qualcomm
Show Notes
In this latest  ARC Smart City Podcast, Larry O'Brien of the ARC smart cities team interviews Sanjeet Pandit, global head of smart cities and smart connected spaces at Qualcomm Technologies.  

Our conversation covers a broad swath of smart city technologies and applications, from smart city platforms to 5G and IoT.  We talk about Qualcomm's capabilities and the technologies they offer, but most importantly we go over several use cases for smart city technologies, from addressing COVID-19 challenges to creating digital twins to the successful implementation of projects.  We also go into the topic of how many cities are reorganizing to break down the siloes of functionality that exist between various departments in cities and critical infrastructure.  It's a wide-ranging discussion with an industry veteran with a lot of insight, which is something we always try to bring you at the ARC Smart Cities Podcast.  

Here are a few words from Sanjeet on the General Spread of Advanced Technologies in the smart city space:

"I think this has been a time where technology adoption has taken off in multiple use cases, it's not just about smart cities, but mostly it is more of a use case solving a rendered outcome-based deployments. We are seeing a resurgence in our cities trying to get more and more sustainable. Cities are adopting technologies that are much open approach, they want to make sure they're prepared for,( God forbid) the next pandemic. There has been a digital divide that has been very, very apparent during this difficult period that we all went through.  Technology is now moving into spaces where people did not even imagine it would be there.

On 5G and AI:

"With the combination of 5G and AI, it's going to change the way we're looking at smart cities in general. In 5G, we're already seeing a lot of growth in privately deployed 5G networks, especially what you said about CCTV and video analytics, right. So, I think we have this kind of convergence of pretty powerful edge processing right now. "

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